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Zizi Papacharissi is Professor and Head of the Communication Department, Professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois-Chicago, and University Scholar at the University of Illinois System. Her work focuses on the social and political consequences of online media. Her books include  Affective Publics: Sentiment, Technology and Politics (Oxford University Press),  winner of the National CommunicatIon Association Human Communication and Technology Division Best Book Award, A Private Sphere: Democracy in a Digital Age (Polity Press, 2010),  A Networked Self: Identity, Community, and Culture on Social Network Sites (Routledge, 2010),  and Journalism and Citizenship: New Agendas (Taylor & Francis, 2009). She has also authored over 60 journal articles, book chapters or reviews, and serves on the editorial board of fifteen journals, including the Journal of Communication, Human Communication Research, and New Media and Society. Zizi is the editor of the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, and the  founding and current Editor of the new open access Sage journal Social Media and Society. She has collaborated with Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and has participated  in closed consultations with the Obama 2012 election campaign. She sits on the Committee on the Health and Well-Being of Young Adults, funded by the National Academies of Science, the National Research Council, and the Institute of Medicine, and has been invited to lecture about her work on social media in several Universities and Research Institutes in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the US. Her work has been translated in Greek, German, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish, and Persian. She is presently working on the following five volumes, due to be published in 2018:  A Networked Self: Platforms, Stories, Connections (Routledge), A Networked Self: Birth, Life, Death (Routledge), A Networked Self: Love (Routledge), A Networked Self: Human Augmentics, Artificial Intelligence, Sentience (Routledge), and with Pablo Boczkowski, Trump and the Media (MIT Press). 

Zizi was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, and graduated from Anatolia College in 1991. She received a full scholarship to Mount Holyoke College, where she completed a double BA in Economics and Media Studies (1995), and to Kent State University, where she received a Masters degree in Communication Studies (1997). Her studies were fully funded by fellowships and scholarships from both the Onassis Foundation and the University of Texas of Austin, where she received her PhD (2000) in New Media Technologies and Political Communication. She was recently recognized by her alma mater, UT-Austin, as a high-impact scholar, an honor bestowed to a handful of the School's  most productive and impactful doctoral graduates.